Community calls for fireworks ban


Residents of Pollokshields in Glasgow have said they are sick of fireworks causing disruption around Guy Fawkes Night

13th May 2019 by Gareth Jones 1 Comment

A community has called for the sale of fireworks to be banned in Scotland.

A Scottish Government consultation on fireworks came to an end today (Monday 13 May).

The consultation has attracted over 16,000 responses from across Scotland, and those who are calling for a ban have said the level of response shows the extent of problems created by fireworks.

Residents of Pollokshields in Glasgow have said they have some of the worst problems with fireworks in Scotland – with campaigners calling for a complete ban. In November 2018, problems got so bad in the area the riot police were called to disperse gangs of men setting off large fireworks in the streets.

Danny Phillips, a resident of Pollokshields, said: “The fact that over 16,000 people have taken part in the consultation tells you that Scotland has a problem with fireworks. We are calling for a complete ban on fireworks except in licensed displays. Firework night is hated by the vast majority of people in communities like ours. But young children, pets, disabled people in particularly can find it frightening.

“I don’t see why we allow these massive industrialised fireworks to be set off, even on private land. They are a menace and we are calling on our governments to take action on the sale and use of fireworks. We have been promised by the First Minister that something will be in place before next bonfire night. So we now await to hear what plans they are proposing.”

13th May 2019 by Mary Dalziel

Agree 100% that fireworks should be sold to well organised firework displays, As stated, communities, the elderly and animals suffer the consequences of these fireworks getting into the hands of irresponsible people. Another reason is, it should reduce the cost in our emergency services as they are often called out on these occasions and, not to mention the abuse they suffer while doing their jobs.