Compensation sought for survivors of abuse in care


Financial compensation scheme could be put in place for survivors of abuse 

5th September 2017 by Robert Armour 1 Comment

Adult abused while in care are being encouraged to come forward in a bid to claim compensation.

A consultation launched this week by the Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (Celcis) is to consider reponses to see if pursuing compensation is viable.

It will present its findings to the Scottish Government.

Joanne McMeeking, head of improving care experiences at Celcis, said: "Completing this consultation questionnaire gives survivors a way to have their ideas about alternative forms of financial redress seen and heard.

“All of the information gathered in the consultation will be used to present options to the Scottish Government for consideration when it decides whether to establish a financial compensation/redress scheme."

Survivors are supporting others to contribute to the consultation. 

Helen Holland, chair of In Care Abuse Survivors (Incas), said the consultation gives everyone who has experienced abuse in the Scottish care system the chance to share their views.

She added: “This allows all of us the opportunity to have our voices and opinions heard as we continue to work forward towards redress and reparation."

Judith Robertson, chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission, said: “We welcome the consultation on financial redress for historic abuse, and particularly the human rights based approach they have taken to ensuring the views of survivors of childhood abuse are truly at the heart of the process.

“We look forward to a successful conclusion that leads to clarity on the terms of such a fund in the future. Anyone who has been subjected to abuse has a human right to access justice and to an effective and fair remedy. Everyone has the right to live and be treated with dignity.”

The consultation questionnaire will be circulated widely to survivor and victim groups, and can also be accessed online

13th September 2017 by James

The Celsis meeting was a disaster. Survivors were upset and crying and the purpose of the day was lost.Leaving the venue I discovered 2 woman outside the venue crying and very upset,when asked if they were okay they said that they had left the same meeting as me. I was horrified and this haunted me which led to a nervous breakdown. Survivors must be at the heart of these meetings and not dealt with non survivors who do not have the insight to address these type of events. When people like me cannot get the therapy,treatment,and the support to control their lives whilst the purse holders enjoy Champagne and Canapés with John Swinney. This is the Truth,2017 Scotland. Whilst they party we Survivors are starved,denied our Human Rights.