Consultation on replacement for European funding launched

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The views from the voluntary sector are being considered as the Scottish Government takes action to protect funds post-Brexit

5th November 2019 by Gareth Jones 2 Comments

A consultation on replacing vital funding which could be lost as a result of Brexit has been launched.

The Scottish Government has started scoping views on a potential replacement for the £780 million European Structural Funds.

Politicians have decided to take action due to a lack of details from Westminster on a successor programme. The UK Government has committed to rolling out the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, however there is as yet no detail on how this fund will operate.

The programme provides key funding to help drive economic growth and promote wellbeing and cohesion in communities across Scotland.

“Scotland must have a full say in the development of a replacement for this vital funding, which is benefitting communities across the country,” Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation Ivan McKee MSP said.

“It’s only right that Scotland’s needs and ambitions are fully reflected in future funding arrangements.

“This consultation provides an opportunity to contribute views on how any replacement funding vehicle can best meet the needs of our people, our businesses and our communities.

“In 2016, Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. However, as a responsible government we will continue to do what we can to prepare in so far as we can, for all exit scenarios.”

The consultation states the Scottish Government is keen to develop its own thinking on how any replacement funding vehicle can best meet the needs of citizens, businesses and communities.

Professor David Bell, chair of the steering group overseeing the consultation added: “Scotland has benefitted significantly from European Structural Funds in the past. With no clear vision from the UK government for their future development, this consultation seeks to gather views from across Scotland on the design of their replacements.”

The consultation is open from now until 12 February 2020.

12th November 2019 by Lok Yue

I am frankly far more concerned about loss of funding from south of the border, statutory and private if Scotland became independent. We get more than 50% of income from trusts in England

23rd November 2019 by Daniel Yakusomi

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