Council backs pupils in right to strike over climate change

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City of Edinburgh Council has said children will not be punished for attending a climate change rally so long as they have parental permission

6th March 2019 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

School pupils in Edinburgh will not be punished if they decide to strike over climate change.

City of Edinburgh Council said pupils could attend a planned rally outside the Scottish Parliament on Friday 15 March as long as they had permission of parents or carers.

Students around Scotland have been staging school walkouts as part of a call on world leaders take action on climate change.

The strikes are part of a growing global movement – started by Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg last August – drawing attention to the scale of climate breakdown and the need for urgent action.

Councillor Mary Campbell, put forward the motion in support of the pupils. She said: “Climate breakdown is the defining issue of our age.

“The future will depend on how willing we all are to listen to children and young people whose futures are most at risk, versus some politicians or vested interests who want to delay or do nothing.

“So that it is why I want Edinburgh to show a lead and recognise the importance of the climate strikes and support the children and young people taking part.”

The motion carried and was backed by the council’s vice-convener for education Alison Dickie.

She said: “I am utterly proud of our young people. There can be no more powerful learning experience than getting actively involved in real life global issues, such as action on climate breakdown.

“I’m proud too that we are choosing to celebrate, rather than stifle the positive energy of our young people, and it showcases the very caring and responsible citizens we are shaping across our schools.”