Council-run charity workers set to strike


​Union officials say Glasgow LIfe has hired "scab" labour 

18th December 2017 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

A council-run charity is facing imminent strike action after it withdrew allowances for workers.

Unite Scotland is in dispute with Glasgow Life - Glasgow City Council’s leisure trust - concerning the withdrawal of allowances for workers at the Emirates stadium.

Union members at the east end venue have voted unanimously for an overtime ban and strike action for December 23, 27, 28 and 29, which will disrupt events at the Emirates including the next Glasgow Rocks basketball game at the end of December.

Glasgow Life said it is "disappointed" strike action will be taking place over the festive period.

Unite started an overtime ban on 25 November. Since then Glasgow Life managers have employed outside contractors to complete outstanding work.

A spokesman for Unite said: “This means a wholly owned subsidiary of Glasgow City Council is prepared to employ scab labour to undermine industrial action instead of getting negotiations organised to end this dispute.”

Willie McGonigle, Unite’s local government officer, added: “When the SNP took over the council in May there were all sorts of promises about talking to the unions, solving disputes and a fresh start.

“This isn’t the sort of fresh start we had in mind – blacklegging and bullying. Therefore, the strike action goes ahead at the end of this week.”

The body, which is one of the city council's arm's length organisations, delivering cultural, sporting and learning activities in the city, says the dispute is not related to core pay – but to additional payments for manual aspects of workers who work on rigging.

Bosses responded by saying no additional payments have been withdrawn and that they have assessed all aspects of duties and awarded payments based on recognised criteria.

The company disputes claims that duties undertaken should attract further additional payments.

A spokesman for Glasgow Life said: “It is deeply disappointing that Unite have called for strike action, potentially disrupting operations during the festive period.

"We will work to minimise any inconvenience caused by Unite’s actions and remain open throughout.”