Date revealed for minimum alcohol pricing

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Last orders at current prices won't be until next year 

22nd November 2017 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Minimum pricing on alcohol sales will be introduced next May, it has been announced.

Shona Robison, health secretary said the price would be expected to be set at 50p-per-unit - subject to consultation.

This would raise the price of the cheapest bottle of red wine containing 9.4 units of alcohol to £4.69, a four-pack of 500ml cans of 4% lager (8 units) would cost £4 and a 70cl bottle of whisky (28 units of alcohol) could not be sold for less than £14.

Alcohol Focus Scotland research suggested that the maximum recommended weekly intake of alcohol - 14 units - could be bought for just £2.52, with super-strength cider and own-brand vodka and whisky available from as little as 18p per unit of alcohol.

The Scottish Parliament passed the minimum pricing legislation five years ago but it was subjected to a prolonged legal challenge by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) until last week, when the Supreme Court ruled that it did not breach EU law.

Robison said: "With alcohol on sale today at just 18p a unit, we have to act to tackle the scourge of cheap, high-strength drink that causes so much damage.

"I anticipate setting the minimum unit price at 50p per unit. We now want to hear from retailers, representative bodies and Licensing Standards Officers about the practicalities of implementation."