Disability charity Sense rebrands to reflect shift in scope

Sense new logo

Rebrand: The charity's new logo

'Connecting sight, sound and life' replaces the charity's previous slogan 'For deafblind people'

19th September 2016 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

Sense has unveiled a new slogan which the disability charity says reflects a shift in its scope.

“Connecting sight, sound and life” replaces the previous strapline “For deafblind people” from today as part of a major rebrand.

Accompanied by a new logo, Sense says its new slogan will highlight a diversification of its services and help achieve ambitious goals set out earlier this year.

It comes as the charity launches its new strategy for delivering housing services, which will enable more people with complex needs to live independently. 

A second phase of the rebrand will be brought in next year alongside a new website.

We know demand for support is growing and it’s important our brand keeps pace with demand

Richard Kramer, Sense’s deputy chief executive, said: “We were set up to support children and adults who are deafblind, but we also provide support for a wider group of people, including those with complex needs. 

“Currently not all individuals and families are aware that we can provide services to them, and we know that there are people missing out on receiving vital support. Our refreshed brand reflects that our services, such as short breaks and supported living, are equipped for people with a range of needs.

“We know demand for support is growing and it’s important our brand keeps pace with demand, whilst reflecting the innovative support we provide that enables people to live more independent lives.”

Sense’s new approach to housing will see the charity work towards developing cost-effective living schemes across the country over the next few years.

Mark Lovell, the charity’s director of business development, said: “Few providers really understand the particular needs of people with sensory impairments and those with complex needs.

“This means that people could miss out on the support that would enable them to live in their own home and local community. By developing new models of sustainable support for the people we work with, Sense is making a vital contribution to social care.”