Event to examine collective leadership


An event later this month will examine the benefits of adopting more collective leadership approaches

3rd September 2020 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

An event later this month will examine the benefits of adopting more collective leadership approaches.

This will be the focus of the Our World Reimagined: big ideas for a better future (OWR) online session hosted by the Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (GCVS) on Friday 18 September.

Janet Whitley, head of the Scottish Government’s collective leadership team, will be in conversation with broadcaster and journalist Pennie Taylor, as part of the OWR series running this autumn, featuring input from leaders and key thinkers. Each will delve into innovative ideas across a range of subjects that can help build a better world post Covid-19.

“As we face many challenges compounded by the crisis, recovery for communities dealing with poverty, poor health, addictions, homelessness and so much more, must be a collective effort,” said GCVS chief executive, Ian Bruce. “Not one organisation can achieve this alone.

“In Janet’s session with Pennie, we will explore how organisations, sectors and individuals can find ways to work collectively together around these complex issues and contribute far more effectively to the vital recovery of the local communities they serve by embracing a style of collective, inclusive leadership.”

Whitley said: “I am delighted to have been invited to contribute something to this exciting series of conversations. It feels like a very important time to be exploring these issues and a very auspicious time to consider together what collective leadership can offer in our work beyond Covid, particularly in dealing with the many complex societal issues that we face.” 

Over the coming months, OWR is covering a range of ideas that are seen to help reshape society and improve lives post Covid-19. Topics include community wealth building, asset-based community development, the wellbeing economy, enabling state, gender equal economy, system design, National Performance Framework, participative democracy, the future of social care and more.

People can register online for the free, one-hour OWR conversation with Janet Whitley on Friday 18 September at 11am.