Evidence sought on disability care during lockdown


Disabled people and carers are being asked to take part in a new survey. 

15th July 2020 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

Disabled people and their carers are being asked to take part in a new survey looking at the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on social care.

The survey, for Inclusion Scotland, has been launched in response to reports of many disabled people losing support during lockdown.

Respondents will be asked to provide information on what has happened to their social care support since the start of the crisis, their involvement in any decisions about changes made, and whether or not they are continuing to pay for support that has been cut.

Results will be used to push for change at both local and national level and to find out whether care providers are properly adapting to the new environment.

The data can also be used by other disability organisations to inform their own planning and campaigning, with many contributing questions to the survey.

An Inclusion Scotland spokesperson said: “Your evidence will influence and push for action from decision makers at national and local levels by drawing attention to the effect the Covid-19 crisis continues to have on social care support and the need for reform across Scotland.”

The short survey can be completed online via Survey Monkey. Easy read and plain text documents can also be downloaded from Inclusion Scotland’s website. Responses will be accepted until midday on Monday 27 July.