Extinction Rebellion on road to becoming millionaires


Crowdfunder has raised huge amount within a week

11th October 2019 by Robert Armour 2 Comments

A crowdfunding appeal by Extinction Rebellion is expected to hit £1m after £800,000 was raised in the first week.

The cash is to support its direct action in London with the group saying the cash will be used to fund living expenses of the rebels as they attempt to shut down major infrastructure.

Organisers say that the monthly living expenses amount to £400 for full-time rebels and £200 for part-time ones.

However it is thought the group will not apply for charity status or official funding.

It comes as a UK billionaire worth £1.2billion and rock band Radiohead were revealed among the major donors ploughing money into Extinction Rebellion.

Sir Christopher Hohn, one of the richest men in the UK, has given £50,000 to the environmental group.

Hohn said: “I am a personal funder of Extinction Rebellion. 

“I recently gave them £50,000 because humanity is aggressively destroying the world with climate change and there is an urgent need for us all to wake up to this fact.”

The charity he co-founded, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), is thought to have given a further £150,000 to the climate activist group.

13th October 2019 by Robert P.

Always a huge red flag when Millionaires/Billionaires back such organizations. As well as Extinction Rebellion promoting breaking the law and grooming young kids, who don't know any better, terrifying them into getting involved in such weighty topics.Where's the independent evidence that what they say is true?Isn't radicalisation of kids an offence? (bearing the 'terrorist label'?).Smells all wrong!

15th October 2019 by Lok Yue

Well said RP. A dr Bradbury who co-founded this lot proved her green credentials by flying to costa rica to indulge in mind altering drugs. she then heard voices. These same voices which presumably told her to take a hammer to the window of the Dept of Transport HQ this AM. add to that a group of weirdoes dressed like shopworn geraniums floating around London and you get the picture of a bunch of semi-conscious recreational drug users only to keen to subvert children to their own way of thinking, if their cognitive development will allow such advanced use of the brain