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A new campaign aims to shame Facebook from within by sharing a post that highlights the social media site pays less tax than the average UK worker

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13th October 2015 by Susan Smith 1 Comment

Despite raking in £105 million in advertising and sales in the UK, Facebook contributed a miserly £4,327 in UK tax last year.

That’s £1,000 less than the £5,392 in tax and national insurance a worker on the average UK salary of £26,500 pays.

So, campaigners have decided to air their disgust from within – by sharing a thumbs down infographic on Facebook!

The idea is to shame the social media giant on its own platfrom.

Facebook’s total profits for the year topped $2.9bn, almost double the figure for 2013. 

John Downie, director of public affairs at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, said: "How can we be living in a country that allows one of the largest companies in the world to give less towards our society than the average working person does?

"A boycott won’t work because too many people and organisations – including charities – are reliant on the site. With 1.39 billion users, Facebook is one of the most effective ways to engage with the public and, more fundamentally, to raise money."

"Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg’s says his life mission is “to make the world a more open place”. I’d say he has a lot to think about.

"We need take action from within. Let’s hit Facebook on Facebook.

"Voice your outrage on Facebook and share our infographic with your friends."

Remember, although you can't post directly onto Facebook's page, if you include @Facebook in your post message, it will be notified.

Download the infographic here.

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13th October 2015 by Joanna

This campaign is pointless and aimed at the wrong people. This campaign is another hot air baloon! Facebook probably aren't doing anything that is illegal.They follow the rules that allow them to pay very little tax like that - anybody with half a brain would do the same. The law needs to change to close those loop holes. That's it.