Facebook plans a donate button for UK charities

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Users of the social media site will now be able to donate directly to selected organisations

12th September 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Charity funds could be boosted by a new social media initiative.

Facebook is set to add a donate button for selected UK charities – allowing users to donate directly on the social media site.

The initiative has been available in the US for the past two years, and recently more than $10 million was raised for those hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Until now, charities have had to direct Facebook users to their own sites of online giving websites but from the end of this month several new fundraising tools will be tested. These will include a donate button, which will allow users to transfer money without leaving the site.

UK organisations will need to apply to take part and must be a registered UK charity. A verification process opened this week, with applicants having to provide financial information to Facebook.

Initially, Facebook will work with Movember UK, Oxfam UK and Unicef UK as beta partners to test the new tools, as well as a handful of other European charities.

Charities will be charged a five per cent fee for each donation: 3.5 per cent of the donation will cover the costs of vetting charities, operational costs and payment support, and 1.5 per cent will cover payment processing.

A Facebook spokesman said: "Facebook's goal is to create a platform for good that’s sustainable over the long term, and not to make a profit from our charitable giving tools."

The new tools have been welcomed by Institute of Fundraising Scotland. Alex Close said: “We welcome Facebook rolling out their new donation button. It is very important for charities to have access to new technology which makes it easier for people to give to the causes they care about. This interesting development  will hopefully encourage even more charitable giving. We are eager to see how the tool develops.”