Flexible hours lead to happy workers

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Family Friendly Working Scotland has released new research

2nd October 2017 by Gareth Jones 1 Comment

Flexible working hours improve the lives of workers, a charity study has found.

Research by Family Friendly Working Scotland has shown almost nine in ten (86%) of Scots who work flexibly say it makes them happier.

But less than half (46%) of Scottish workers can currently work in such a way.

The figures mark the launch of National Work Life Week (October 2 to 6), which aims to encourage employees and employers to explore more flexible working options and find a better work-life balance.

A YouGov poll of more than 1,000 Scots shows that among those who already work flexibly, 77% say they are more productive and go the extra mile for their employer as a result.

The charity has said the results highlight that the desire to work flexibly is no longer confined to working mothers.

Working men and women, parents (of children aged 18 and under) and non-parents all reported that they either already work flexibly, or would if they had access to it (75%, 82%, 84%, 72% respectively).

Nikki Slowey, joint programme director for Family Friendly Working Scotland, said: "Too many people still think working flexibly is about mothers and part time work. But our latest research to mark National Work Life Week shows this assumption is outdated.

"The ability to work flexibly is wanted by men and women and is sought after by workers of all ages, parents and non-parents alike. Many just want small changes, such as amending their start or finish time, or having occasional time off for family emergencies, deliveries and school events.

"Our research backs up the wealth of existing evidence that employees who work flexibly are more productive and committed so there are clear benefits for employers too.

“Flexibility is a win-win for employees and employers so we're encouraging everyone to explore these benefits during National Work Life Week."

13th October 2017 by Sharon

From what I hear from others I know flexible working is easier and more acceptable within he third sector than say the public sector and more so the private sector. I have arranged flexible working due to childcare committments and I work in the third sector, my husband who works in private sector cannot get any work life balance as his job just doesn't allow. This will no doubt be the same a lot of jobs for men. Flexible working is fine but ideally, taking a leaf out of other EU countries, like Finland I think we should all be working 4 day weeks! Two days off a week in today's hectic and stressful lives is just not enough!