Family tragedy sees footballer found mental health charity

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Former Scotland striker Kris Boyd hopes to be able to get people talking about mental health, having lost his brother 

15th January 2018 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

A footballer who suffered personal tragedy has started a charity to support those with mental health issues.

Former Scotland and Rangers striker Kris Boyd lost his brother Scott in September 2016 when the 27-year-old took his own life.

The striker, who plays for Kilmarnock, has said that Scott’s death and his wife suffering from anxiety have been a big reasons why he has decided to setup The Kris Boyd Charity.

“The aim of this charity is to educate people and get people to engage with others when they are in need of help instead of dismissing them or brushing of their feelings as being weak,” he said.

“We hope that, in time, society can speak openly when they have issues, it’s about them knowing there will be someone there for them who will show decency and a level of understanding.

“With young people today mental health is being an ever prevalent issue, due to teenagers being so focused on their phones and social media instead of being active and socialising with their peers in person. This also leads to more online bullying as well as unrealistic beauty standards which add mounting pressure on young people, and can lead to mental health issues.”

The charity is aiming to offer a range of support services with those who are struggling with mental health issues in Scotland, with life coach Donald MacNaughton helping to shape the organisation. It will host its first event, a Valentine’s Ball at Ayr Racecourse, on 17 February.

Boyd said that he hopes the charity can work as a mechanism for getting people to speak about mental health.

He added: “This charity is not prescribing medication and we can’t cure all the ills, but we care, and we are constantly trying to gain a better understanding of mental health issues. We want to raise awareness as that is absolutely vital in tackling the stigma surrounding mental health and ultimately finding better solutions to mental health issues.

“I also want this charity to help my parents, Brian and Maureen, find even a tiny bit of comfort.

“When I first mentioned to my mum the idea of doing this she wasn’t keen. Then, the next day she phoned me and asked if I’d started the ball rolling because she was now right behind it. She summed it perfectly and said that if the charity can help even just one parent avoid what she and my dad have been through then it will be worthwhile.”

For more information, see The Kris Boyd Charity website.