Former boss drops unfair dismissal claim against leading charity

Stuart earley

Despite leaving with "mutual consent" former chief executive mounted discrimination action

20th July 2017 by Robert Armour 1 Comment

A former charity chief who resigned after criticism of his bumper salary, has dropped a claim for discrimination and unfair dismissal against one of the country’s best known charities.

Stuart Earley dropped his action against the Scottish SPCA without any out of court settlement being negotiated, according to the animal charity.

Earley, 60, who had been at the Scottish SPCA for nine years, left last year after several newspapers published details of his £216,000 salary pckage.

At the time the organisation said Earley had agreed with the charity’s board to leave immediately to allow him to focus on his future plans and so the charity could move forward under new leadership.

However according to court papers, Earley made complaints of unfair dismissal and discrimination because of disability and age, which were due to go before an employment tribunal before being withdrawn last month.

The SCottish SPCA said the case occurred because of a "misunderstanding" and it had not made any payment to Earley in exchange for the termination of the case.

Harry Haworth, the society's chairman, said: "There was a misunderstanding after the former chief executive left the society, which was resolved.

"The tribunal claims were withdrawn. The society did not make any payment in respect of those claims."

In May Third Force News announced Kirsteen Campbell, formerly of Skills Development Scotland, was to become the Scottish SPCA’s new chief executive. 

25th July 2017 by Ron Carthy

SPCA is a very worthwhile charity doing good work but a salary of £216,000, plus employers on costs is hard to justify for a UK wide charity let alone a Scottish one. I wonder what impact it would have on the level of donations if donors being reminded of this each time they were asked to donate.