Four charities gain from Dugdale Celebrity stint

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Tories say Dugdale's charity donations were miniscule compared to her fee

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12th January 2018 by Graham Martin 1 Comment

Four Scottish charities gained from former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale’s controversial reality TV stint.

The MSP earned more than £70,000 for her appearance on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, during which she was shown swimming through fish guts.

She has donated £5,100 of her appearance fee, as well as £2,500 of her MSP salary, to charity.

Money went to Who Cares? Scotland, Glasgow Women's Aid, the Archie Foundation and the Rock Trust.

Ms Dugdale said she was pleased that a number of charities who do "amazing work across Scotland" would benefit for her stint in the jungle.

The Lothian MSP has now raised a total of nearly £30,000 for charity since 2015.

She said: “I’m pleased that a number of charities which do amazing work across Scotland will benefit financially from this. I'm delighted to be back in the parliament serving my constituents across the Lothians. I held more than 30 surgeries across the region in 2017 and I will continue to be an open and accessible MSP throughout 2018 and beyond. I also look forward to developing a number of campaigns around the Year of Young People in 2018."

She was heavily criticised for her appearance on the show, and the Scottish Tories said the charity donations were a "drop in the ocean" compared to the fee she received, and described her appearance on the show as a "shameful episode".

However, a source close to the former Scottish Labour leader said: "£7,600 is not a drop in the ocean and is £7,600 more than Tory leader Ruth Davidson has donated to charity from her £28,000 outside earnings."

16th January 2018 by Bill campbell

If the ordinary worked swanned off from their work they would have been sacked. She was so kind donating some of her salary to charity. Has she forgotten that this money belongs to the tax payer? No sense of reality!