Free Pride announces line-up as event approaches

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​The event is an alternative to the main Pride event in Glasgow which charges an entry fee

10th August 2016 by Molly Millar 2 Comments

Free Pride Glasgow is retunring to the Glasgow Art School on 20 August, with what it claims is a radical and inclusive LGBT+ event.

The daytime activities begin at 2pm and include stalls and talks by activists from groups including Sex Workers Open University and UK Black Pride, workshops on trans issues, disability issues, and vlogging. 

Entertainment at the club night will kick off at 10pm from performance artists and DJs including Sgaire Wood, Jak Soroka, and Deep Album Brandy Cuts (PVC). Films from Lock Up Your Daughters and SQIFF will be screened upstairs.

Free Pride has three priorities: accessibility, anti-commercialisation, and bringing back the spirit of protest to Pride

Free Pride, which started last year, has three priorities: accessibility, anti-commercialisation, and bringing back the spirit of protest to Pride.

Organised from the grassroots by and for the queer community, Free Pride is an alternative to main Pride Glasgow event, which has raised its events’ entry fees again this year. Free Pride will have a bloc at the main march. 

British Sign Language interpreters, gender neutral toilets, a quiet room, and free entry are among the measures taken to make the Art School event open to all. Free Pride relies on donations to cover these expenses and venue hire.

Free Pride also hosts a film screening of Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger in collaboration with the Scottish Queer International Film Festival on August 12th at Strathclyde University.

Details of the event and the Free Pride blog can be found here. The online fundraiser can be found here.

11th August 2016 by David Thomas

I am unhappy at your bias in this item. There is no need to mention Pride Glasgow & it's price increase without the context of its greatly enhanced offering. Free Pride clearly needs funds to do its stuff hence it's fundraiser. That is roughly how Pride Glasgow started many many years ago. In my view this article should have confined itself t a clean promotion of the valued Free Pride. I challenged TFN in the past for suggesting last year's initial issues between the two events were somehow this year's problems when that isn't to my knowledge the case at all. I don't feel TFN has any place fuelling potential discord or factionalism between the two events when in practice; they compliment one another and offer enhanced choice for the LGBTi community in Glasgow.

12th August 2016 by Siouxsie

Great article for a great event. I have noticed a slightly upsetting typo though, in the first paragragh it says "LGBI+" instead of LGBTI+. Sure you are not purposely missing at trans people but it may be read that way by others.