Movie star Alan Rickman’s last job was for charity


Much loved movie star's last job was to do a voice over for this tortoise video which automatically raises money for refugees with every watch

14th January 2016 by TFN 52 Comments

British film star Alan Rickman's last piece of work was doing a voice over for this charity video, recorded from his home at the end of November last year.

The much loved movie star's death aged 69 from cancer has sparked a wave of tributes from friends and fans. Famous for playing villans, such as Professor Snape in Harry Potter and Hans Gruber in Die Hard, in real life it seems the star had a heart of gold.

Rickman recorded the voiceover to help encourage people to watch the short video, which generates money for Save the Children and the Refugee Council with every watch. The more views, the more advertising revenue Youtube provides to the charities.

Watch the video now to help his last piece of work raise even more money. 

15th January 2016 by Elizabeth Y. Arcellana

Thank you Alan Rickman for the creativith and goodness and kindness you have shared with the world.

15th January 2016 by suemalpass

what a grand man smile xxx

15th January 2016 by Michelle Bangtson

Fantastic actor, gone too soon. X

15th January 2016 by Eric Alexander Binnie


16th January 2016 by Linda Christie

Remember to watch the actual video on YouTube as no donations will be generated by watching on this page.

16th January 2016 by Mimsy

16th January 2016 by Caroline

There is no advert beforehand in this link so the advertising revenue won't be generated. I think people have to watch it on YouTube with the full ad first in order to raise the funds. Needs to be clarified.

16th January 2016 by Marie

And may his wonderful work continue xx

16th January 2016 by tony wilson

Cancer is a terrible thing to get, I had friend was told he lasted 18 days. My wife lasted 14 years that's still hurts god rest in peace all of you.

16th January 2016 by Yvonne

Such a great actor ,so sad to be taken by Cancer My thoughts are with his family and close friends.loved all the films you were in,rip,Alan, : -( Xx

16th January 2016 by Bijam Jenni Connaughton

Very good causes. Hope we find out how much money you tube donates.

16th January 2016 by Timothy A Brinicombe

Thank you for your fabulous stage presence. A fine actor and human being. R.I.P Sir Rick.

16th January 2016 by liz Axworthy

It's very sad to die so young.

16th January 2016 by liz Axworthy

It's very sad to die so young. He was a very talented actor and he will be miss by everyone.

16th January 2016 by Val Bridge

my tortoise would love to share too!

16th January 2016 by Sara Price

important work & a wonderful actor..

16th January 2016 by jo Parker

Tortoises xx Alan Rickman xx

16th January 2016 by Caroline

Thank you for being brilliant - particularly in the Barchester Chronicles xxx

16th January 2016 by Walid addas

I like the man very much. His best role, in my opinion, is Valera in a movie about Micheal Collins , co starred by Liam Neeson. Both have don great. I didn't know his name before , but I always liked his roles. Villain or otherwise.

16th January 2016 by Rebecca Manning Davis

The video is a hoot to watch, but I did tear up. I SO miss Alan Rickman!

16th January 2016 by teejay johndon

Allan thankyou for being such a wonderful person,for your amazing way of reaching the hearts of all ages through kindness and inspiration RIP GOD BLESS forever in my heart and many others x

16th January 2016 by Jenny

Please sahre and help this get around.

16th January 2016 by Marina

What a great man! Such a tragic loss to us all.. I still find it difficult to believe that he passed away. He will be missed greatly.

17th January 2016 by Michelle

Alan rickman legend. Thoughtful until the end X Watch on you tube otherwise no money will be generated

17th January 2016 by Lisa

Legend! Thank you AR for your artistic flair, another British treasure gone, we will miss you but remember you!

17th January 2016 by Joode Weinhold

Such a wonderful man. This is such great cause.

17th January 2016 by Carol grey

What a fine gentleman. RIP

17th January 2016 by Annette mcquarrie

Hope it helps. Alan Rickman you left us too soon

17th January 2016 by Sara Pearl

Alan was a wonderful actor, a true talent. He was in so many wonderful movies, he had charm and style. And obviously a good heart. I am happy to help his cause. Please watch his video.

17th January 2016 by Sara Pearl

Goodnight sweet Alan Rickman, I wish you peace and hope that there is a better place with great theater and no pain. I am sending out a message and sharing your video.

17th January 2016 by David Clancy

A loss to humanity but he shall live on not just for his parts in movies but a a decent human being.

17th January 2016 by William Servant

I want a strawberrie!

17th January 2016 by maggie hill

If this small video will help raise funds for cancer then i hope more people contribute.

17th January 2016 by Catharine B.

Far too young to die (I'm the same age). Shall miss his wonderful presence and voice on film and TV. Rest in peace, Alan (from a Dutch fan)

17th January 2016 by Tamara Machiels

You'll be missed, Alan. Lots of love from Belgium. /*

17th January 2016 by rebecca


18th January 2016 by Malena GONZALEZ Cid


18th January 2016 by Brenda

sheriff of Nottingham and professor Snape -wonderful acting

18th January 2016 by Mandy Carmichael

thank you for posting this and contributing towards those who are desperatly in need

20th January 2016 by Brad

That is awesome, but are the views from this particular page also counted by YouTube? Not trying to be an ass here, just want to make sure my watching, and that of everyone else who followed the same link I have to get here, is doing some good.

20th January 2016 by Peg O'Sullivan

A lasting legacy!

22nd January 2016 by Stefani

Wonderful idea and loved Alan and his work He was extraordinary as an artist and human being.

23rd January 2016 by Manuela

What a loss - way too soon...

28th January 2016 by Julie Wren

What a great actor and compassionate man. God rest in peace.

1st February 2016 by Jane Henriques

Great idea!

4th February 2016 by Amanda

A real gentleman with emphasis on the gentle.

7th February 2016 by Ellen

Some comments below indicate that revenue is generated only if the video is viewed via youtube, after watching the ad. Here is the link

28th February 2016 by Lise Høgfeldt

Thank you❤️

23rd May 2016 by Bonnie Campeglio

Such a wonderful plan! You rock Alan!!!

17th January 2017 by Liliane Horton

A remarquable Man solely missed And a Great actor of course too!!

7th July 2017 by neonan

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9th September 2017 by wedSDSDFll

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