Fund set up for public to donate to help flood victims

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An appeal has been launched to raise £1 million to help people affected by recent flooding 

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8th January 2016 by Paul Cardwell 3 Comments

An appeal made to help people affected by recent flooding in Scotland is hoping to raise over £1 million.

Foundation Scotland set up the Flood Recovery Appeal to provide urgent cash for individuals and families affected by the unprecedented weather of the past few weeks.

The fund has launched with £50,000 already committed from SSE and some of its other clients but the foundation hopes to raise the staggering sum by appealing for donations to funders, businesses and the general public. 

We are aware of the many local fundraising efforts already underway and the fund will complement those

Any money raised will be distributed to individuals with immediate needs such as shelter, food and clothing – with the help of community led groups to identify people.

Priority will be given to the vulnerable including the elderly, people on low incomes, families with young children and those with additional support needs. Flooding has affected much of the country recently, particularly in the Borders and Aberdeenshire.

The fund will also support local relief efforts such as support, information and care services and community organisations affected by the floods.

Giles Ruck chief executive of Foundation Scotland said: “As the scale of the recent floods becomes clear, we took the decision that the foundation has a key role to play to help support those communities most affected.  

“We hope the general public and businesses across Scotland will donate to help those in desperate need and help us reach our initial fundraising target of £1m.

“We are aware of the many local fundraising efforts already underway and the fund will complement those.

“In some instances, we may be able to relieve the admin burden and responsibility of distributing those funds and would encourage groups to contact us if they feel we can be of help.”

Individual donations can be made via a Just Giving page on the foundation’s website, by BACS or by sending a cheque made payable to Foundation Scotland at 22 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8DP. 

21st January 2016 by Lynette Barron

I have a leather 2seater and a chair I would like to donate,could you please tell me how to go about this.its in very condition(almost new).thankyou.

10th February 2016 by Forfar East & Old Parish Church per Mrs Mabel Mart

I have money to donate to the victims of the Scottish Floods, will you please furnish me with an address to send it to. thank you Mabel Martin Tres.

11th February 2016 by Paul Cardwell TFN

Hello Mrs Martin,If you go to the campaign's donations page at you can donate the money online.Hope that helps,Paul Cardwell