Funding to tackle issues for care experienced youngsters

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A £1.4 million fund aims to help those who have experienced the system influence decisions

19th December 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

A million-pound fund is aiming to give youngsters who have experienced the care system a voice.

Who Cares? Scotland has secured a £1.4 million grant from the Life Changes Trust.

The money will be used over five years to give care experienced young people the chance to shape improvements to the care system. 

“Care experienced young people are the real experts when it comes to their own lives, and they know best what would make the biggest difference to them,” said Heather Coady, director of the trust’s care experienced young people programme.

“Our funding is focused on ensuring that young people not only have a strong voice, but can use that voice to create lasting positive change.”

The funding aims to address higher rates of suicide, worse mental health and physical wellbeing, poorer access to continuing education or training and greater unemployment and homelessness amongst those who have spent time in care.

The funding will help Who Cares? Scotland work alongside care experienced young people to address these issues by bringing together key decision makers, care service providers and members of the Scottish Government, to take examine how care is designed and delivered.

They will also work to challenge the stigma and discrimination that care experienced young people face, enable them to build networks of support to increase their confidence and skills and improve their employment environment.

Duncan Dunlop, chief executive of Who Cares? Scotland, said: “We want to secure a lifetime of equality, respect and love for care experienced young people. There is a lot to do before we can achieve this – continuing to ensure care experienced young people feel like they belong, and that their voice matters is crucial to realizing the change they and generations to come, deserve.”