Gail Porter mucks in at LOVE Gorgie

Gail porter at gorgie city farm

The TV presenter visited the city farm ahead of its big reopening at the end of the month 

17th February 2020 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

A TV presenter turned up to help the reformation of a popular Edinburgh attraction.

In advance of LOVE Gorgie Farm reopening at the end of the month, Gail Porter met the staff and volunteers to help out at the farm at the weekend.

Edinburgh-born Porter, like many, has fond childhood memories of the farm.

A call for volunteers was issued earlier this month to assist in bringing the former Gorgie City Farm back to life, ahead of the farm opening its doors back to the public as LOVE Gorgie Farm on Saturday 29 February.

LOVE Learning, an education and social care charity that supports vulnerable children, young people and adults by using innovative ways to engage them in learning. It announced it was taking over the city farm in January after the farm went into liquidation in November 2019.

Porter said: “It was a pleasure to meet Lynn Bell, the new team at LOVE Gorgie Farm and the volunteers, all of whom are working so hard to bring the farm back to life.

“Like many people in Edinburgh and Scotland, I was saddened to see Gorgie City Farm go into liquidation last year after having made so many memories in the farm as a child.

“I am very happy that a charity like LOVE Learning decided to take over it and can’t wait to see LOVE Gorgie Farm reopen again.”

Lynn Bell, chief executive of LOVE Learning, said: “We are delighted to have welcomed Gail into the farm ahead of our grand reopening and glad to have learnt how much the site meant to her. We know how treasured and important the farm was the community and we want to bring this back to the people of Edinburgh as soon as possible.

“We are overwhelmed with the positive support LOVE Gorgie Farm has received from everyone since we announced we were taking over it last month. We are still looking for volunteers to come next weekend as there is a lot of work to get done prior to opening the farm doors on 29 February”

Interested volunteers can still help on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February and those looking to do so should email