Gambling addiction support offered by youth charity

Online gambling

More young people are becoming addicted to online gambling 

14th November 2017 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Support for young problem gamblers has been created by a youth charity in a bid to stem addiction.

The online resource, by Scottish youth work charity Fast Forward, will be launched at the National Youth Work Conference, in Cumbernauld on Tuesday 14 November 2017.

Designed for youth workers, teachers and other professionals who work with young people, the toolkit provides resources and lesson plans from short one-off sessions through to longer programmes.

The activities can be used in various settings and by young people of all abilities. 

Alastair MacKinnon, Fast Forward’s chief executive said: “The toolkit recognises that gambling may be part of a young person’s experience growing up. It is not a new phenomenon and young people are aware of gambling and gambling-like activity through various routes including social media.

“It has a strong focus on education, on promoting awareness and prevention of harms.”

Gerda Reith, professor of social science at Glasgow University, said: “Problem gambling undermines the potential of our young people, and erodes the wellbeing of our communities.

"Creating an environment in which children are protected from the harms it can cause requires a joined-up response. While policy and regulation are key, local education and prevention efforts are also crucial.

“Families, educators and members of the community all have a role to play in creating sustainable, healthy environments for our young people to grow up in.

“This is why I welcome and endorse the toolkit developed by Fast Forward.”