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A new free Digital Checkup tool will help third sector organisations improve their skills and use of technology

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27th April 2018 by Susan Smith 0 Comments

Scottish charities and social enterprises that need to improve their digital skills and use of technology can get help working out where to start with a new Digital Checkup tool.

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) has created the Digital Check-up to help organisations measure the digital maturity of their organisation and prioritise the first steps to improve.

The supported assessment survey can then be used again at a later date to benchmark progress the organisation is making.

SCVO’s digital change manager, Kyle Usher, said: “Half of third sector organisations in Scotland are not making the most of using digital technologies which puts them at risk of missing out on engaging new audiences, improving their services and gathering valuable fundraising income in an increasingly competitive third sector.

“SCVO’s digital team has been using the Digital Checkup tool to guide organisations through their first steps to a digital action plan. We feel that it may be of use to others – so we have opened it up for public use.”

The Digital Check-up is aimed at small- to medium-sized organisations looking to improve how they use technology, whether that be how they design their services, communicate with their audiences, manage their internal processes or how they store and manage their data.

The SCVO digital team can also offer support to those who complete the Digital Check-up across a range of areas including leadership, culture and skills; tools and technology; content, marketing and use of data; and security and cyber resilience.