Glasgow charity abandons work-for-benefits scheme


Homeless charity will no longer take placements from work programme  

3rd March 2015 by Robert Armour 1 Comment

A homelessness charity says it will no longer take part in the government’s work programme.

Starter Packs Glasgow said those currently on the scheme won’t be affected but it would no longer take unpaid placements.

The work programme – or workfare - mandatorily places long-term unemployed people into unpaid work, often with charities.

However, in a statement the board of the Starter Packs – whose mission statement is “A hand up not a hand-out” - said it would no longer take part.

An increasing number of charities have abandoned the scheme after being targeted by adverse publicity.

Other charities across Scotland have gone further signing up to the “Make volunteering voluntary” camapign – effectively a pledge against workfare.  

The charity said: “The board of trustees for Starter Packs Glasgow has taken the decision to no longer take part in the workfare programme.

“We have spoken to those currently on placement with us and have given them the option to stay with us until the end of their placement.

“Those who choose to stay are doing so completely of their own volition. Those who do not wish to complete their placement with us will return to their placement co-ordination office.

"We want to stress that this decision is 100% their choice.

“We will not take any more staff from the workfare programme.”

Starter Packs was started in 2000 by Hugh Kelly as a small church based Christian charity.

It soon escalated to the large, multi-faith, charity known today.

Based in Govan, it gets referrals from housing associations for start-up furniture packs for homeless people or those on low incomes. 

9th March 2015 by jray

The dirty little secret about "Forced Volunteering" aka,MWA is that the private provider (A4E,Seetec,Ect) are that they are paid over £600 by the DWP to arrange the placement,they get paid on day 1 ,non refundable..scam!