Glasgow has a new monthly date for disabled clubbers


Charities Date-n-Mates and Include Me 2 Club have found a regular spot for Club LATE, three years after its old home at the Arches closed

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6th April 2018 by Susan Smith 0 Comments

A new regular Glasgow club night will give adults with learning disability and additional support needs the chance to strut their stuff.

Charities Include Me 2 Club and Dates-n-Mates Scotland are working together to launch the new monthly Club LATE.

The first regular Club LATE at Glasgow’s G2 Nightclub will feature Clyde 1’s Breakfast Show host Cassi Gillespie, GBX Team Member Macca (Stephen McArthur) alongside Include Me 2 Club’s own Disabled DJs and Young Big Music Champions performing their latest sets.

A recent survey among young people aged 18 to 35 with a learning disability revealed that one in four felt they'd been bullied by members of the public at nightclubs or concerts, and a third said they had been afraid of staff at music venues.

Dates-n-mates established the original Club LATE six years ago in Glasgow’s Arches in order to open up mainstream nightclub gigs to a fully-inclusive audience. However, when the Arches closed, the club struggled to find a new regular home.

Sheryl Walker, project manager at Dates-n-Mates Scotland said: “Back in 2012 we worked in partnership with The Arches and the Stay Up Late campaign to introduce LATE as Scotland’s first club night for people with learning disabilities, fully inclusive and open to all.

“We learned from our members that many had never been clubbing as they didn’t know where to go and where they would be made to feel welcome.

“When The Arches closed in 2015 we were determined it would not be the end of Club LATE. It’s been a struggle at times, but we have worked with other venues in Glasgow and have continued to run several events a year with around 200 people attending.“

Capital FM DJ Garry Spence, a long-time supporterm added: “I've been playing for LATE since the very start and I've loved it since that first night. I can't overstate the impact this has on the lives of people who'd otherwise be excluded from night venues in Scotland. It's always a brilliant turn out, always a feel-good event and allows access to clubs for everyone regardless of their ability or mobility.”

Evidence shows that opportunities to build friendships and relationships can significantly improve quality of life and independence for all who are able to enjoy a typical night out.

The first monthly Club LATE night takes place at Glasgow’s G2 Nightclub, 480 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3LW on Thursday 19 April from 7pm to 11pm.