Glasgow launches cycle route app


Cyclists can share information about their journeys on new app 

14th November 2014 by Robert Armour 3 Comments

Glasgow City Council has been praised by charities for launching a new app to promote cycling in the city.

The Glasgow Cycling app allows cyclists to submit routes, distances travelled, times taken and average speeds.

It is free and currently available from the Apple store. An android version will be available soon on Google Play.

The app is also available for free on Future City Glasgow's open data website.

All councils should be increasing monitoring of cycling levels - Keith Irving

Current information about how cyclists travel around Glasgow is limited.

There is an electronic counter on the Anderston footbridge and a manual cordon count takes place every year.

Victoria Leiper of the Glasgow Bike Station said this was an opportunity for cycle commuters to shape decision-making.

"It is perhaps the most pro-active thing we can do and I certainly plan to use the app every day to submit my own journeys and to encourage our customers at the Glasgow Bike Station to use it as well," she said.

Keith Irving, chief executive Cycling Scotland, wants other cities to follow Glasgow's example.

"All councils should be increasing monitoring of cycling levels," he said.

"This initiative by Future City Glasgow combines technology with data to develop information about cycling conditions in Glasgow.

"We hope it will be successful and could feature in a future Cycling Scotland conference as best practice to be copied across the country."

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