Glasgow rallies against welfare cuts


​Hundreds expected to protests against UK government cuts

12th June 2015 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

An unprecedented gathering of anti-poverty groups and campaigners are to unite in Glasgow this weekend (Sunday 14 June) in opposition to the UK government’s welfare cuts agenda.

Organised by Black Triangle, dozens of organisations will unite in a bid to increase pressure on the Tory government’s draconian cuts agenda which, the organisations claim, are pushing thousands more vulnerable Scots into poverty.

The Conservatives plan to make further cuts, which includes shedding £12billion from Britain's welfare bill.

Hundreds are expected to attend the event taking place in George Square Glasgow.

A Facebook page has been set-up for those wishing to attend.

Organisations signed up to attend include Maryhill Foodbank, Inclusion Scotland and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.