Glass recycling scheme welcomed

Glass recycling

The majority of Scots are in favour of a levy being introduced on glass bottles to encourage recycling

22nd August 2019 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

The majority of Scots have welcomed a new scheme which will see more glass bottles recycled.

A new Scottish Government initiative will see people pay a 20p deposit when buying drinks in a plastic or glass bottle or a metal can and they will then get their money back when they return them to be recycled.

The initiative is expected to increase the recycling of glass bottles from around 65% at present to 90%.

A survey by Zero Waste Scotland has found 85% of Scots are happy for glass to be included in the scheme.

Jill Farrell, chief operating officer at Zero Waste Scotland, said: "The environmental evidence shows why Scotland is right to include glass in its deposit return scheme from day one.

"People in Scotland want glass to be included... as part of ambitious action to protect our environment. The carbon emissions savings make it clear that they are right.

"Every bottle recycled rather than sent to landfill means carbon savings. At a time of a climate emergency, this is an unmissable opportunity to cut tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon."

The deposit return scheme is set to be introduced by the end of 2021.