Governance review ordered at RSPCA

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RSPCA volunteer 

Problems at one of England's biggest charities 

2nd March 2016 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

England’s Charity Commission has asked the RSPCA to carry out an independent governance review following the resignation of two trustees.

Christopher Laurence and Sally Phillips stood down in protest at the way the charity is being run.

The animal welfare charity – England’s biggest and best known – has been left without a chief executive since 2014 and is believed to have suffered from in fighting and a lack of direction ever since.

A spokesman for the Charity Commission said the regulator had "regular and ongoing engagement" with the RSPCA, as with a number of large charities, and was aware of the trustee resignations.

"We have recommended that the charity conduct an externally led, independent governance review," he said. "This will enable it to regularise current governance issues."

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA confirmed that the charity’s trustees unanimously agreed last week to carry out an independent external review of its governance arrangements.

"The RSPCA is committed to ensuring that its governance arrangements remain appropriate for a leading national charity and that the council, as the charity’s governing body, continues to provide effective leadership and accountability so we can fulfil our vital mission to prevent cruelty to animals and improve their welfare," she said.