Grant to help people back into work

Job interview

The Job Grant, proposed by the Scottish Government, consists of a one-off cash payment to help young people with costs associated with a new job

17th January 2019 by Gareth Jones 3 Comments

A new grant that aims to support young people into work is set to be created.

Views are being sought on the detail of a new benefit that aims to help young people with the costs associated with the transition into the workplace.

The Job Grant, proposed by the Scottish Government, consists of a one-off cash payment of £250, or £400 for a young person with children, which will be available to those between 16-24 who were out of paid work for six months prior to finding employment.

The grant will assist towards travel costs or could be used for clothing, lunches and other expenses that need to be met by someone entering work after a lengthy period of unemployment and ahead of their first salary. It will complement wider Scottish Government initiatives that support people into employment, such as Fair Start Scotland.

Launching the consultation at StartScotland, an employment provider in Edinburgh, Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville said: “The transition in to work for young people who have been unemployed can be a difficult one. Getting to and from their place of work and having appropriate clothing can be costly, especially if you’ve been managing on the low income provided by out-of-work benefits and don’t have savings to fall back on.

“The Job Grant aims to help with those costs and make their first few weeks in employment easier. Keeping young people in work is key to keeping them healthy, both physically and mentally.

“We want to introduce the Job Grant as swiftly as we can so are consulting now to get views on the proposed eligibility criteria and the format of the proposed payment. Our aim is to deliver a benefit that meets the needs of young people entering work and I urge anyone who shares that desire to take part in the consultation.”

Nick Young, general manager at StartScotland, said: “This new grant, alongside the other measures being implemented by the Scottish Government, is a welcome addition for Scotland.

“We know that re-entering the workplace, or even finding employment for the first time, can be a tricky time for people. So anything that supports people as they make the transition can only be a good thing.”

A public consultation on the plans will run until 9 April.

18th January 2019 by John

Great initiative that could mean the difference between being able to take up employment or being trapped on benefits and having to turn it down.

20th January 2019 by Susan

Interesting that often these initiatives are re-hashes of previous things that have been in place before and come and go like the wind.I'm curious to know why this happens, what makes them disappear and come back? In 2006 after being on disability benefits and out of work for a considerable period of time, I received vouchers for clothing and travel and it helped enormously until my first pay packet came through.We need to remember that these are not innovative or new initiatives and that in giving praise we need to think about what previous people in government have already done before and acknowledge.

25th January 2019 by Debbie

It’s all good that the younger ones seem to get help but wot happenes to 36 year old wee don’t get any kind of help that way