Greenpeace: Gove has a lot to prove on the environment

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​Gove described himself as a shy green - but backed environment-trashing policies

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12th June 2017 by Graham Martin 1 Comment

Greenpeace has expressed its scepticism after Michael Gove was elevated back into the Westminster cabinet as environment minister.

Gove, sacked by Theresa May after she became prime minister last year, was unexpectedly recalled as part of the wounded PM’s emergency post-election reshuffle.

However, Greenpeace took issue with some of Gove’s previous positions on the environment – and said he must travel a long way to prove himself.

Michael Gove

Michael Gove

The group’s UK's executive director John Sauven said: "Michael Gove is about to find an in-tray loaded with urgent problems, from tackling the air pollution crisis to reforming our broken farm subsidy system and protecting our oceans from overfishing and plastic waste. He should move swiftly to prove that he's better than his record suggests. 

"He once described himself as a shy green, and that shyness was fully on display when he tried to remove climate change from the school curriculum, called for the Habitat Directive to be scrapped, and voted to sell off our forests.

"But he has also spoken of his love for the great Scottish outdoors and of the importance of preserving this natural beauty for the next generation – a key promise in the Conservative manifesto.

"To fulfil this pledge, Gove will need to abandon the notion that environmental laws are just a hindrance to house builders and realise that without them we won't be leaving a greener, healthier Britain to our children.

“And his trademark reformist zeal could be put to good use in reshaping our shambolic farm subsidy system so that it works for the common good."

13th June 2017 by RealFreedom

Would that be more fake news from Greenpeace? Greenpeace is French for congenital liars.