Homelessness network unveils new name

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The former Glasgow Homelessness Network will now be known as Homeless Network Scotland.

7th October 2019 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

The former Glasgow Homelessness Network has unveiled its new name as part of a major rebrand.

From this week forward, the charity will be known as Homeless Network Scotland, which it says better reflects the work it carries out across Scotland.

Originally founded in Scotland’s largest city in 1980, the network now works with more than 30 charities, social enterprises, housing associations and governmental bodies around the country.

The charity is also home to over 60 member organisations, all of whom work to tackle the scourge of homelessness on Scotland’s streets.

Chief executive Maggie Brünjes said: “Partnership is at the very heart of what we do - and that means reaching openly across sectors, places, people and our different experiences. I’ve not met anyone yet who doesn’t want an end to homelessness, so we wanted an identity that is just as optimistic and ambitious.

“Knowledge is important to us and to our partners, and it evolves too. Across such a diverse network, homelessness is seen through many different lens: person-centred, community-led, housing-led, health-led, rights-based, place-based, evidence-based - change that is structural, socio-economic, whole systems and more.

“The truth is that each lens brings clarity and forward movement, so we need to keep making connections with each other to share our learning and views and to act on what works and what matters. Bringing an end to homelessness in Scotland could be in touching distance if we keep it together - our role is to keep creating opportunities to connect, learn and act together.”

Patrick McKay, chair of the charity’s board of trustees, added: “For the last decade our role has increasingly been Scotland-wide, and so we’ve spent time examining that role in the context of where we came from and the future. 

“This new brand reflects our current identity and future potential, as well as connecting us with a past that we can be proud of serving Glasgow.”

A new-look website and social media feeds bearing the charity’s new branding will be rolled out over the next week, and the updated visual identity will be on display at the network’s annual conference this Tuesday.

The charity said its new, straightforward logo will add clarity to ensure that Homeless Network Scotland is easily identifiable, while the accompanying strapline, “We are all in”, expresses the charity’s commitment to prevention and its view that homelessness is an issue that needs solved together.