Housing association creates its own maintenance company

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A Scottish housing association has launched its own maintenance company in a bid to save money and improve its homes

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21st April 2017 by Susan Smith 0 Comments

Grampian Housing Association has launched its own building and maintenance company to embark on a major upgrade of existing homes.

TLC Housing Maintenance will be installing kitchens and bathrooms and carrying out painter works in tenants’ homes.

Grampian Housing Association says the move will give it more control over customer care, service quality and satisfaction. However, the most important reason for the creation of TLC-HM is to generate cost savings compared to using external contractors. These will then be reinvested into providing more improvements to tenants' homes.

A total of eleven new jobs are being created locally by TLC-HM with the appointment of a general manager, trade supervisor, two electricians, three joiners, two painters, a plumber and administrator.

TLC-HM will also provide routes into employment and training by offering apprenticeships later next year.

Angela Thain, general manager at TLC-HM, said: "After months of preparation for the launch, it is great to see work underway fitting new kitchens from day one of the new company.

“The first year will see the commencement of a five-year programme with 92 kitchen and 92 bathroom replacements being undertaken. We are committed to providing an excellent service to tenants. In future years we intend expanding the services we can offer to Grampian's customers including reactive repairs and empty home maintenance when tenants move on."

Natalie Moore, tenant said: "It's exciting to be one of the first tenants having their kitchen fitted by TLC and it was great to be able to choose my own colour of units. They hope to have work finished this week so I can't wait to move back in and start enjoying my new kitchen."

TLC is governed by a voluntary board consisting of two new independent members, David Halliday and Mark Masson, along with two board members of Grampian Housing Association and an executive director.

Commenting on the launch of TLC-HM, newly appointed chairman David Halliday said: "I look forward to working with the board and staff to ensure that the growth and reputation of TLC is a priority. We are acutely aware of the need to deliver value for money for the association and its tenants. Any savings will enable more investment in the association's homes whilst also helping to keep rents affordable."

The savings could enable the association to fit 51 more kitchens or bathrooms in year one or undertake additional work required for compliance with EESSH (Energy Efficiency Standard for Scotland Housing) including improvements to loft and cavity wall insulation in properties.

Digitalising TLC-HM is also a priority. Starting with scheduling, digitalisation will expand to communications with tenants to ensure their interactions with TLC-HM are smooth, efficient and trouble free.