Housing group reveals highrise refurbishment

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Housing group showcases renovated houses 

13th June 2017 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Tenants are being shown the results of a £16 million refurbishment of three of Glasgow’s last remaining high rises.

The 20 storey flats at St George’s Cross are currently undergoing extensive improvement works but landlord Queens Cross Housing Association has now unveiled a completed show flat, so tenants can get a feel for what their finished homes will look like.

Work on the flats includes external insulation, new triple glazing, lifts and CCTV, new enclosed balconies and new heating and ventilation systems.

"Insulation and modern heating systems will make these homes some of the most heat efficient in the city. We’re happy that work is progressing to the stage we can now show tenants what their improved homes will look like and how their new heating and ventilation system will work," said Queens Cross project manager, Alan Muir.

Central to the improvement programme is an innovative ventilation and heat recovery system that is being fitted to all 314 homes. Fresh air is pumped into the living areas while kitchen smells and bathroom condensation is extracted.

Tenant Aminat Adeoye (pictured) said: “This looks really nice and I’m looking forward to getting the new heating in my own house.”

It is expected all work will be completed early next year.

"We realise that this improvement work is disruptive but I hope this show flat will help our tenants understand that the inconvenience will be worth it," added Muir.