Jewish charity condemns Icke’s visit to Edinburgh

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Controversial figure plans to promote book in Edinburgh 

11th September 2017 by Robert Armour 1 Comment

Jewish charities have condemned organisers for hosting an £85-a-head book launch for conspiracy theorist David Icke in Edinburgh.

The event, taking place in November at the city’s Caves venue, is to promote the former TV presenter’s latest book and will be chaired by Coatbridge-born comic book writer Mark Miller.  

Icke’s conspiracies have become notorious for his antisemitic views.

He believes the famous Jewish family the Rothschilds control the political system of the United States and a Zionist cabal currently rules the world.

His tour features a backdrop which includes an image of reptiles in suits wearing Stars of David and Israeli flags while running the United Nations.

Ephraim Borowski, director of the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, said: “Last year, the Community Security Trust, who monitor antisemitism in the UK, featured a hateful drawing from David Icke’s website on the front cover of their annual report.

“This absurd image accuses Israel of controlling terrorist attacks by IS, watched by the Queen with a Jewish Star of David drawn on her forehead.

“Although this is mad, it’s still dangerous because the lunacy is catching.

“It should be obvious why no decent or sane person should go anywhere near him or it.”

Billed as an evening with author and speaker David Icke, promotors say his visit to Scotland has been “long overdue”.

The sold-out event is part of a three date book launch for Icke’s new book due to be released on 18 November.

The evening includes a three course meal.

Mark Miller defended taking part.

He said: “I interviewed David last year and he’s a really interesting guy. I got on well with him and he asked me to chair this event as it’s on my home turf – which I was happy to, as I love all the UFO stuff.

“My good friend Jon Ronson spent months with David examining this (anti-Semitic) accusation and concluded David was nothing of the sort.

“He thinks he’s a very sincere guy and believes there’s no foundation at all, which is good enough for me.”

Icke said: “We’ve got to be very careful. There is a war on freedom of speech and it’s taking many and various expressions.”

12th September 2017 by Lok yue

We are fortunate to live in a climate of free speech and the weirdest ideas can be aired . But would this laudable forbearance remain if, say, similar accusations were made against Islam? I hope so but...