Jurgen Klopp joins charity movement


Common Goal aims to raise huge sums for charity by getting high-profile footballers to commit a percentage of their salary

24th September 2019 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has joined a movement which aims to get those in football to commit to fighting injustice.

After being crowned the Men’s Football Coach of the Year at the Best Fifa Football Awards this week, Klopp confirmed he has joined the Common Goal movement.

The campaign, founded by Manchester United’s Juan Mata, aims to get footballers and coaches to donate a minimum of 1% of their salaries to charity.

“While it is flattering to receive an individual award today, in football and in life, nothing is possible without teamwork,” said Klopp.

“That is why I would like to celebrate this occasion by sharing that I am joining Common Goal and pledging 1% of my earnings to help change the world through football.

“Since Common Goal started two years ago, the movement has grown steadily proving it is a simple, effective and safe mechanism for players and managers to give back through football.

“As a team, even with a minimum pledge of just 1%, together the football industry is capable of transforming the world. Now is the time for those interested to take a step forward.”

Common Goal is aiming to get people from across the footballing industry to sign up, which could result in $30 billion a year being donated to charity.

High profile footballers to have signed up include Eric Cantona, Scotland’s Jane Ross and Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini.