Kiltwalk fundraisers urged to take event seriously

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James Malcolm, Lucy Kerr and Nick Grigg

Glasgow Warriors stars join Miss Scotland and put on their kilts to make rallying call for charity event

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13th March 2017 by Paul Cardwell 0 Comments

With the first Kiltwalk of the year taking place next month fundraisers are being warned to make sure they are in shape.

Organisers of the event, which raises money for Scottish charities, have put out a warning that walkers who fail to prepare for the 30 April event in Glasgow should prepare to fail.

Former Scotland 7s rugby captain Colin Gregor led the call telling walkers they should undertake some strength training such as doing squats three to four times a week to build up their muscles.

Now a fitness instructor he is also advising walkers do planks to build up their core.

“Having some muscle strength will help endurance and protect your joints from the impact of 23 miles of walking,” he said.

“Practice walking! Take the stairs when you have a chance. And maybe walk one stop on your commute to or from work.

“Download a podcast or phone somebody and you won't even realise you're covering the miles!”

Launching the event Glasgow Warriors rugby star Nick Grigg and James Malcolm were joined by Lucy Kerr, the current Miss Scotland.

Fundraisers can take part by doing either a 23 miles, 15 miles or six miles walk. The trio also warned walkers to make sure they are in shape.

Grigg, whose teammates took part last year to raise funds for rugby charity Hearts and Balls, described it as a “physical challenge”.

Kerr urged people to get active before taking to the start line.

“With under two months to go until the first Kiltwalk of 2017 we are issuing a rallying cry to the people of Glasgow to get active and join us on April 30 at Glasgow Green,” she said.

“So many people have already signed-up but we know there are more Glaswegians out there who can take on this challenge!

“The lighter evenings are coming and with spring on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to come out of hibernation and be part of something special.”

For the first time ever, the Kiltwalk is open to all charities and so walkers can raise money for any cause.

Last year, 8,000 people took part in the Kiltwalk and raised almost £900,000 with the event having raised £3.5 million since 2011.

This year, for every £1 raised, £1.10 will go to walkers’ chosen charities after Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation pledged that 110% of all fundraising at each of the four 2017 Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalk events will go to charity.  

Kiltwalks take place in Aberdeen on 4 June, in Dundee on 20 August and in Edinburgh on 17 September.

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