Learning disabled urged to apply to top business school


More people with learning disabilities should be accessing further education 

4th September 2018 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Students with learning disabilities across Scotland are being encouraged to apply to Strathclyde Business School.

It comes after a third (37%) of graduates from a pilot programme went on to employment or further study.  

The Breaking Barriers partnership between Enable Scotland, Strathclyde University and Scottish Power offers 18-21-year olds who have learning disabilities the chance to study for a Certificate in Applied Business Skills.

The eight-week programme incorporates classroom-based learning, digital and social media marketing skills training, people management and customer service, and an eight-week job placement.

Last year only 56 pupils with learning disabilities went on to higher education in Scotland, a little over one in 10 of those leaving school, compared with 40% of all school leavers who go to university. 

Theresa Shearer, chief executive at ENABLE Scotland said: "Not enough people with learning disabilities think it is possible to study at university, and sadly not enough people tell them it is possible. 

"Attending university isn't just about learning, it is a passage into adulthood. Young people get the chance to try new things, have relationships and make lifelong friends.

"It is a fast track to independence, but it is something too few people with learning disabilities are aspiring to and that's because we are not showing them that it is possible.

Applications are currently being received for the 2018/19 Breaking Barriers programme; applications available here