Leeds announces £42,000 of charity funding

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The building society’s foundation is supporting 44 UK charities in its latest funding round.

24th June 2020 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

Charities from across the UK are sharing £42,775 from the Leeds Building Society Foundation.

The latest round of funding saw foundation trustees widened the qualifying criteria so groups could apply for money to assist with extra spending needed to help them deal with the impact of coronavirus.

A total of 44 charities nationwide have benefitted from the most recent round of funding to help improve the lives of disadvantaged or vulnerable people across the UK.

Awards will be used to help meet staffing costs, purchase equipment and buy PPE for staff and volunteers.

Gary Brook, Leeds Building Society Foundation trustee, said: “This is a worrying time for many of these charities who are facing unexpected costs at a time when demand for many of their services is on the increase.

“We know how supporting initiatives in local communities is important to our members and colleagues. So, we have acted quickly to try to ensure that these small charities get the help and support they need to help them deal with the pandemic.”

The Foundation is funded by the Society and its members via the Your Interest in Theirs scheme, which allows customers to donate from interest gained on their balance.

It primarily provides grants towards practical items that directly support those in need including those with disabilities, affected by homelessness, or with serious health issues.