Lights, cameras, climate action: watch Edinburgh Paris summit march video

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​Thousands took part in Edinburgh's climate march: watch the video here and see if you can spot yourself in it!

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30th November 2015 by Graham Martin 0 Comments

More than 5000 people marched through Edinburgh on Saturday ahead of United Nations talks in Paris where international leaders will attempt to agree a deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The march was organised by Stop Climate Chaos, a coalition of around 60 civil society groups.

It rallied round the slogan “climate, justice and jobs” and followed a route from the Meadows to Prince’s Street Gardens, where a rally was held.

The march in Edinburgh was one of more than 2000 held throughout the globe on the eve of the summit, which is intended to achieve a legally binding agreement on how to deal with climate change, from all of the world’s nations.

Many voluntary and third sector organisations took part – and loads are featured on this short video, produced by Stop Climate Chaos.