Lottery launches £100m fund to help tackle climate emergency

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The Climate Action Fund will be used to establish a UK-wide network delivering 'high impact community-led climate action'.

18th July 2019 by Gavin Stuart 3 Comments

A new £100m fund has been launched to support people and communities taking the lead in tackling global warming.

The Climate Action Fund, part of the National Lottery Community Fund, will be used to establish a UK-wide network delivering “high impact community-led climate action”.

This will include areas such as sustainable energy, sustainable transport, consumption, food and protecting and regenerating spaces and habitats.

The new fund is being launched as the level of concern over climate change continues to rise, with 80% of the public saying they are very or fairly concerned about climate change.

Dawn Austwick, chief executive of The National Lottery Community Fund, said: “Everyone can play their part in addressing climate change. The impact will be all the greater if we come together within and across communities.

“This is why, thanks to National Lottery players, we are launching the Climate Action Fund to create grassroots momentum built on learning and sharing within, between and beyond communities – in order to achieve meaningful and sustained climate action.”

The new fund was launched on Thursday at the Global Generation Skip garden in London.

Attendees at the event heard from Ummi Hoque, an 18-year-old student who received National Lottery funding through the Our Bright Future initative to drive climate action in her local community.

She said: “Young people must be at the forefront of the drive to resolve the climate emergency – it’s our planet and our future and, as a youth forum member at Our Bright Future, I will continue to fight for it.

“While we need business, government and policy-makers to respond effectively to the crisis, it’s important that local communities are encouraged to play their role. I’m excited to see how communities can work together and learn from each other, as we find ways to address the crisis together.”

24th July 2019 by maxxmacc

10,000 people in the UK die early each year due to the cold. Worldwide the cold kills 20 times more people than the heat. The only threat to humanity is nuclear war, another Ice Age (overdue) and the stupidity of our race. This fund shows that the latter is probably the most serious threat.

24th July 2019 by Lok Yue

No madness in Max: well spoken, sir or madam

8th August 2019 by Sarah B

I think this is a great opportunity for people to stop talking about how much they care, And actually doing something about it! It’s about time we took ownership and responsibility for our actions ( rather then expecting others to do it for us) and take more of an active role in ensuring the future sustainability of our communities. Finally a sensible use of resources smile