Majority of Scots give money to charity

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New figures reveal just how generous Scots have been over the last three months

26th September 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

More than two thirds of Scots have donated money to charity in the last three months.

Ahead of the Institute of Fundraising Scotland’s 26th annual conference next week, new figures have been released highlighting the generosity of Scottish people.

Of those surveyed, 68% of people said they had given money to charity within the last three months, above the UK average of 61%. 

According to the joint report by Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and YouGov, Insights into Charity Fundraising, more people in Scotland said they had made a donation or bought something from a charity shop compared to the UK average.

Other findings in the report show the huge importance of fundraising and giving in Scotland. For example, almost three quarters (73%) who donate to a charity will go on to take additional positive actions, like volunteering or signing a petition. Two in five (45%) people in Scotland will actually change their behaviour or feel more positive as a result.

The research also looked at what motivated people in Scotland to make their most recent donation to charity. Three in five people (64%) said the main reason they had given money was because it was a cause they believed in. Meanwhile, 41% said they did so because they think supporting charities is a good thing to do and 23% because the charity had helped someone they know 

Alex Close, Scotland manager at the IoF, said: “With a whopping 68% of Scots saying they have given to charity in the past six months, the numbers confirm what those of us who live and work in Scotland have known for years.

“The incredible generosity of Scottish people is vital for charities working in Scotland and makes a huge difference to all our lives and local communities.” 

Morag Fleming, Chair of IoF Scotland, said: “From the frontline working with charities in Scotland these figures are no surprise. People are generous and continue to donate through thick and thin. The good causes our members work for could not survive without this support.”

The Scottish Fundraising Conference takes place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Central on Tuesday and Wednesday 3 & 4 October.