Men’s shed won’t leave premises

Men shed

Dispute over premises leads to friction between charity and housing association 

22nd January 2020 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

A men’s shed organisation in the Gorbals is mounting a sit-in after being told to leave their premises by a housing association.

Gorbals Men’s Shed have been located in a railway arch for the last two years but have now been told to leave by New Gorbals Housing Association.

The charity supports many vulnerable people and has been credited with combating mental health problems among middle aged men.

The housing association supplies water and electricity to the unit while it is owned and maintained by Nertwork Rail.

However the company intends to sell off all the arches for redevelopment, leading to NGHA pulling support for the project.

If that happens, the members say they will host a sit-in and refuse to leave. 

Davie, a founding member, said:“We have had funding form the city council, the Lottery and charities like the Robertson Trust.

“It has helped pay for tools and equipment and we have put in flooring and done all the work in here.

“We don’t have any water so we bring in water every day in containers.”

He added: “We are running workshops, funded by the council.

“We have other funding and we can pay for the electric and other work, but the Housing Association wants us out, even though they don’t own the property, Network Rail does.”

New Gorbals Housing Association has been paying for electricity and said it has been supporting the organisation.

Fraser Stewart, chief executive of New Gorbals Housing Association said: “We thought it was a great idea, and we still think so. We are keen to support men at risk of isolation.

“We are really sorry that the project has failed to flourish, despite our best efforts made in an informal capacity.”