Missing Mundell slated by Holyrood welfare committee

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​David Mundell urged to keep commitment 

10th November 2014 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

An influential Scottish Parliament committee has slated Scotland Office minister David Mundell for not abiding by a commitment to meet foodbank providers.

Despite “repeated attempts” to arrange a meeting between foodbank representatives and the Tory MP, the Welfare Reform Committee said it has been ignored.

It has now written to Mundell urging him to keep his promise.

Committee Convener Michael McMahon MSP said: “It is time David Mundell put his words into action and does what he has said he will do. The UK government is in denial on the impact of its welfare reforms on some of the most vulnerable of our citizens. People deserve the opportunity to put their views and experiences directly to the minister.”

At the 26 June meeting, Mundell offered to provide a detailed response to the committee’s Report on the Local Impact of Welfare Reform.

Mundell owes it to food bank providers and their users to hear their concerns directly - Jamie Hepburn

Mundell has indicated he is currently undertaking meetings about these issues with stakeholders and will feed back to the committee with his findings from those meetings.

Deputy Committee Convener Jamie Hepburn MSP said: “The committee has heard some very personal and difficult experiences from people struggling to cope with the UK government’s reforms to the welfare system.

“David Mundell owes it to foodbank providers and their users to hear their concerns directly. It is shocking that he and his government continue to exist in a state of denial on the impact of its welfare policies.”