MoD told: Trident whistleblower must not be hounded


On-the-run submariner should be commended after producing document on possible safety and security breaches at nuclear sub base

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18th May 2015 by Graham Martin 0 Comments

Anti-nuclear campaigners are backing a Royal Navy whistleblower who revealed alleged safety and security failings at the Trident submarine base.

William McNeilly has gone on the run after producing a document outlining 30 serious breaches at the Faslane facility.

He claimed lax security and negligence at the base – which hosts the UK’s nuclear deterrent – amount to an “accident waiting to happen.”

McNeilly said tests on whether missiles could be fired safely had failed, alarm signals were muted because they went off so often and that staff vetting procedures were not being followed.

The Ministry Of Defence (MoD) has launched an investigation into the claims and is working with Police Scotland to track down the whistleblower.

Scottish CND has urged the MoD not to “hound” him, saying he should be “commended” instead.

The group’s John Ainslie said: “We are told that nuclear weapons keep us safe. His report shows that Trident puts us all in danger.”

Meanwhile, a petition has been set up on demanding assurances that 25-year-old McNeilly won’t be prosecuted.

A Royal navy spokeswoman said McNeilly’s report contained “subjective and unsubstantiated personal views with which the naval service completely disagrees.”