MoonWalk lights up Edinburgh

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Thousands of walkers have helped to raise more than £500,000 for cancer charity Walk the Walk

11th June 2018 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Scotland's capital city was touched by a sprinkling of Hollywood glamour this weekend.

A cast of thousands took part in the spectacular MoonWalk Scotland, which ran from Saturday overnight into Sunday morning.

This year’s event - organised by breast cancer charity Walk the Walk – took on a Hollyrood to Hollywood theme with participants wearing decorated bras.

The walking challenge has already raised almost £500,000, with funds set to swell over the coming months.

Jean Hall, from Edinburgh, was one of those who completed the challenge.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was treated at the Breast Cancer Institute at the Western General Hospital, who have received a grant from Walk the Walk to help fund their work.

Hall said: "We thought all the volunteers were brilliant - the official volunteers, as well as the people who opened up their gardens all the way round and gave us food were just fantastic. Their support was incredible. I was so glad to do The MoonWalk again. Everyone had a reason for walking. Twelve years since the last time, it was a very wee way of saying thank you."

Walk the Walk's founder and chief executive Nina Barough CBE said: "It was an Oscar winning night – it was fabulous.

“During the afternoon, it was touch and go because of the very dramatic weather patterns coming in. Everyone was arriving, saying what torrential rain they'd had but it did not touch us.

“People were smiling and it was just a really joyful night. Everybody was there for a personal reason, but when it comes down to it – it's knowing that while you are all there for your personal reason, you are also all joining together to raise money for something which is so important.”