Mossmorran chosen as site of climate camp


Mossmorran: Local campaigners welcomed announcement. Pic by Alexnoel66.

Climate Camp Scotland will host the event over five days this summer. 

27th January 2020 by Gavin Stuart 1 Comment

Climate change activists will set up camp outside a petrochemical plant in Fife later this year.

Climate Camp Scotland will host the event at Mossmorran over five day in either June or July.

The independent group, which is linked to Climate Action Scotland and Extinction Rebellion Scotland, aims to "shut down the fossil fuel industry, ensure a just transition for communities and workers and create a world which is defined by fairness, not inequality"

Mossmorran was in the news last year after locals were subjected to five days of flaring, which a report stated caused “a considerable degree of physical and psychological disturbance”.

More than 1,400 people complained to Sepa about the flaring, with complainants saying the flaring had caused sleep disturbance, respiratory difficulties and nausea.

James Glen, Mossmorran Action Group chairman, welcomed Climate Camp Scotland’s announcement.

He said: “We're very excited that Mossmorran has been chosen as a focus for climate action, and very grateful for the support that this will bring from activists in Scotland and further afield.

"Mossmorran is Scotland's third worst polluter, an essential link in the manufacture of plastics and a major recipient of fracked gas from the US.

"Despite all the rhetoric about a climate emergency and just transition, the Scottish government has done nothing about Mossmorran apart from rubber-stamping a £140m investment by Exxon. Shell is planning a further 50 years of operation."

30th January 2020 by peter

50 years is madness, the IPCC (Global climate scientist ) don't think children born today will live out there natural lives due to the climate crisis, some believe even if we change course today and go green energy, "It's already too late ". and addiction to greed has made it this way.