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30th September 2017 by Graham Martin 3 Comments

Archaeologist, TV presenter and author Neil Oliver is taking on the role of President of Scotland’s largest conservation charity, the National Trust for Scotland.

Members of the charity confirmed the appointment at its annual general meeting in Dundee’s Caird Hall.

Oliver will take over from Lord Lindsay who has held the role since 2012 when he succeeded the Duke of Buccleuch.

National Trust for Scotland chairman Sir Moir Lockhead said: “Neil has championed Scotland and its heritage throughout his career – unearthing new insights into its stories, sharing our stunning scenery and fascinating audiences all over the world.

“We are very excited about the energy, enthusiasm and opportunities for more engagement that he will bring to our charity as we work to protect Scotland’s heritage, and share and celebrate all that we have to offer with more people.”

Sir Moir offered a formal thank you to Lord Lindsay at the meeting, paying tribute to his huge contribution to the trust, during a period of change.

Oliver said: “The National Trust for Scotland protects so much of what makes Scotland special. Over the years I have dug up some of its places, visited many more and been completely inspired by it all. I can’t wait to get more involved and I’ll be encouraging others to do the same.”

30th September 2017 by David Braidwood

This is the biggest mistake the NTS have ever made. Thus us a man whose political views are an anathema to a large percentage of Scots. Expect a major backlash and lots of cancelled memberships (including mine).

3rd October 2017 by RealFreedom

I expect to see SCVO supporting the right of an independent charity to appoint whoever it wishes to its posts.

7th October 2017 by James Caldwell

Mr Oliver is a very strange and divisive choice for protecting Scottish heritage. He is not a historian,(he's a BBC Time Team Archeologist) has zero comprehension of Scot's history has even been quoted talking about his "Oldest man made Structure in the United Kingdom, Stone Henge".It's quite sad that this decision was initiated for purely political purposes of defending the British Union structures(Recent History) against the real folks who want to preserve ancient & modern Scottish heritage and Scot's individuality which people like Mr Oliver publicly claim is "a virus and a disease".