New app makes donations easier


New donation app recognises charity logos 

28th October 2014 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

A new app is enabling users donate to charities by simply pointing their phones at a charity’s logo.

Powered by donation platform JustGivingSnapDonate enables payments via PayPal or credit card, and allows users to donate as much as they like, with a minimum of £2 per transaction.

The app currently recognises the logos of over 130 charities involved in child care, animal welfare, cancer research, education, environment conservation and more.

In the time it takes to snap a photo, donors are able to support the likes of Amnesty International, Cancer Research UK, Oxfam and UNICEF UK.

SnapDonate also works offline, allows for donations to any of the 13,000 charities registered on JustGiving and even accepts payments from outside the UK.

Nick Georgiadis, head of direct giving at Cancer Research UK, said: “In a society that is increasingly moving away from cash as a way of conducting payments, it's important charities make use of innovative ways for supporters to donate. “Any technology solution that makes charity giving easier and straightforward is welcomed."

It’s currently available on Android devices and is coming soon to iOS.