New social firm tackles period poverty

Celia hodson ceo with daughter kate a volunteer for hey girls (003)

Celia Hodson with daughter Kate 

​Founders create innovative way of combating period poverty 

15th January 2018 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Period poverty is to be tackled with a new innovative approach following the launch of a dedicated social enterprise.

Hey Girls, which is based in Scotland, has launched a new ecommerce website which provides free sanitary towels and educational resources with the aim of helping girls to manage menstruation in a way that doesn’t put them at risk of infections.

It will retail sanitary towels on a buy one and give one model in a bid to combat the problem by providing free products to those in need.   

The enterprise was founded by Celia Hodson and her daughters Becky and Kate, with the philosophy that girls and young women should never have to compromise their health.

Hodson said: “We are delighted to have finally launched Hey Girls – it has been a long and exciting journey so far! It all started with a heated discussion between myself and my two daughters that resulted in a big hairy audacious goal! We simply wanted to work out if we could fix period poverty and what that would look like.”

Hey Girls is initially offering two varieties of no leak, super comfy, chlorine and bleach free, environmentally friendly sanitary towels. These are available to buy online at

Hodson continued: “It is so important that we seek sustainable ways to address period poverty in the UK that are not reliant on the government. If you have to buy menstrual products anyway, you may as well do something good with the cost.

“Hey Girls provides an alternative shopping experience for those wishing to make a difference with the items they purchase for themselves."